Positioned at the heart of the North East coastline, Port of Sunderland is just ten minutes from open sea providing a gateway to the world. Its accessibility from sea teamed with excellent road, rail and air links, makes the port ideally placed for import and export projects.

Continual investment, coupled with proven experience of specialist cargos such as crane pieces and oil and gas equipment, mean that the port is in an ideal position to take advantage of its natural strengths and ensure the region’s exporting forces are well-supported.

With a progressive management team and fully flexible, well-trained and highly qualified workforce, the port provides a versatile offer for established and potential customers.

The harbour channel, between the outer piers and west end of Corporation Quay, has been dredged to a depth of 7.50m LAT, with a depth of 8.50m LAT at Corporation Quay itself).  

Reliance should not be placed solely upon published data regarding water depths since it is subject to siltation. Where appropriate, advice should be sought from the harbour master.


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Port of Sunderland owes its existence to the River Wear Commission and Board of Commissioners—formed in 1717 to preside over the growing prosperity of Sunderland as a port.