Harbours and Quays

Orcun at Greenwell's Quay

River Berths

Corporation Quay is 323m long and dredged to 8.50m LAT

Greenwells Quay is 220m long and dredged to 6.30m LAT

Dock Berths

Maximum beam to enter the dock is 18.90m. Maximum drafts dependent on tide and berth.

Jubilee Quay – 120m long and adjacent to rail line.

QE2 Berth – 140m long with deepest water in dock.

East Quay – 190m long is the main bulk cargo handling berth. Can accommodate 2 x coaster vessels working simultaneously.

Other berths in both Hendon and Hudson Dock are available for cargo handling and lay by.

The port's two heavy lift Liebherr 420 cranes can operate on both river berths, Jubilee and East Quays with other equipment available to service all the other berths on the dock.

Please contact a member of the team who can advise further on best suitable berths for vessels.

Tide times can be found here.

Dock berths and sheds

Dock berths and sheds

Quay names
Names of the quays at Port of Sunderland

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