Sunderland Tall Ships Races 2018

The majestic vessels will congregate in the River Wear and Port of Sunderland as they prepare to embark on a spectacular race covering over three hundred nautical miles to Esbjerg in Denmark, a cruise in company to Norway, calling at the coastal city of Stavanger, then undertaking the final leg of the 2018 Races to the beautiful city of Harlingen in the Netherlands.

Sunderland Port’s “Powerhouse of Prayer”…

SUNDERLAND is the city of a thousand secret stories, but few modern day fables are as interesting as the self-confessed “Powerhouse of Prayer” providing a warm welcome to seafarers from across the globe.

Sister Mary Scholastica is the first person foreign seafarers come across when berthed at Port of Sunderland. 

Amidst the clanging of cranes and hustle and bustle of lorries and forklift trucks at the port, a small haven of calm can be found in the form of the Stella Maris Seafarers Centre, where Sr. Scholastica dedicates herself to the welfare of the world’s mariners.

SUNDERLAND is set to become a hub for offshore energy repairs

The huge cable vessel Nexans Skagerrak is helping the port grow its reputation as a gateway to offshore and renewable energy sector

The Port of Sunderland is set to become a hub for offshore energy repairs, after an operation to help grow its reputation as a gateway to the offshore and renewable energy sectors.

The enormous Nexans Skagerrak advanced cable laying vessel carried out a huge cable spooling operating, offloading 1,500m of 256mm thick submarine cable, weighing an incredible 184.5 tons, at Port of Sunderland.  

Port History

Port of Sunderland owes its existence to the River Wear Commission and Board of Commissioners—formed in 1717 to preside over the growing prosperity of Sunderland as a port.

Flying the flag for 300 years

AN HISTORIC Port is celebrating 300 successful years of trading, erecting a specially-made flag to mark the occasion.

Port of Sunderland has proudly displayed a commemorative anniversary flag, which will greet visitors, as part of a summer of celebration of the port’s rich history. The city has officially marked 300 years of Port of Sunderland and the River Wear Commission last month, with an event attended by the great and good associated with the port, held at the River Wear Commissioners' Building in St Thomas Street, which is operated by Siglion.

Safety at sea means savings for sailors

WEAR boat users are being encouraged to be safer to make savings, as part of a new scheme launched by the Port of Sunderland.

The Wear Boat Safe scheme, led by Sunderland City Council and the Port of Sunderland, will see boat owners receive a 50 percent discount on harbour dues, providing they comply with safety conditions set out by the Harbour Master.

Part of Port of Sunderland’s commitment to promoting sea safety, the scheme encourages boat owners to stay safe on the water by signing up to a range measures aimed at safeguarding pleasure boat users.

Bridge centrepiece en route to the Port of Sunderland

The impressive centrepiece to Sunderland’s new bridge has left Belgium and is making its way to the city.

The A-frame pylon, which will stand 105m above the River Wear, left the Port of Ghent at 12.10pm today (Thursday) and is expected to arrive into Sunderland in two days’ time.

If sea conditions remain calm, as at present, Louis, the barge carrying the pylon, is expected to arrive in the north east late Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.