Project and Unitised

Cranes discharging at Port of Sunderland

Port of Sunderland regularly handles project and unitised cargoes in particular steel products and wood pulp.

These vessels are handled on the river berths and in the dock. Deep-Sea going liner vessels often call at the port to discharge specialised project cargo usually for the support of the automotive sector in the hinterland beyond the port.

The port’s two Liebherr 420 cranes, capable of lifting 120mts each or a combined weight of 240mts, are crucial in enabling these cargoes to be swiftly discharged and delivered to clients for who timing is essential.

Port of Sunderland is one of only a few ports nationally to be able to support a tandem lift with its own in-house equipment.  This means that two cranes can work together to handle the most demanding of cargo projects. 

The port is experienced in handling out of gauge cargoes and the heavy sections for the Northern Spire bridge came through the port.