Shipping Movements

Wind Innovation arr CQ 18.11.2020

Shipping movements within the last seven days


Status Date From To IMO Callsign GT Flag
Last updated: 1000


NORMAND FLOWER 2035 09/04/2021 Corporation Quay Great Yarmouth 9249489 LAXN7 5402 Norway
RIG 1458 09/04/2021 Hudson Dock Aalborg 8801137 9HBU8 2351 Malta
GUARDSMAN 1417 09/04/2021 Sunderland Tees        
DENAR EXPLORER 1611 09/04/2021 Greenwells Quay Turkey        
DIAN KINGDOM 1611 09/04/2021 Greenwells Quay Turkey 9660944 PCTG 365 The Netherlands
TIMBUS 1455 12/04/2021 Greenwells Quay Varberg 9198680 DIBC 4230 Germany

Positions of vessels in the Port of Sunderland - see map above (not all ships will be shown on AIS)

Vessel Berth IMO Call Sign GT Flag
Last updated: 1000, 13/04/2021        
PORTOSALVO South-East Oil Berth 9330977 VQUS5 2154 United Kingdom
WEM 2 Cross Quay 9831969 MCPB7 107 United Kingdom
GARGANO East Quay, Hendon Dock 9249403 VSMW5 2244 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND PRINCESS South-East Oil Berth 9643867 2FUD4 2202 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND DUKE East Quay 9499682 2EYX9 2215 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND EAGLE Hendon Dock 9249465 VQIE5 224 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND LAIRD Sheers Quay 9361615 MPBX6 2305 United Kingdom
BBC EMERALD Greenwells Quay 9504750 V2FZ2 12838 Antigua Barbuda
ARKLOW FORTUNE QE2 9361744 EIFZ 2998 Ireland
CEMSOL QE2 9180401 C4WH2    

Expected shipping within the next 72 hours (All vessel ETAs  provisional)

Vessel Expected From IMO Call Sign GT Flag Berth
Last updated: 13/04/2021            
BOKA TOPAZ 13/04/2021 North Sea 9382815 LARH7      
EEMS SEA 14/04/2021 Not declared 9503536 phpm      
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