Shipping Movements

Living Stone

Shipping movements within the last seven days - please see map above


Status Date From To IMO Callsign GT Flag
Last updated: 2027 16/02/2020            
WILSON GOOLE Departure 16/02/2020 East Quay South Rendsburg 9126687 9HSC4 2446 Malta
ARKLOW FUTURE Departure 16/02/2020 QE2 Berth Brunsbuttel 9361768 EIGD 2998 Republic of Ireland
WILSON GOOLE Arrival 15/02/2020 Hull East Quay South 9126687 9HSC4 2446 Malta
HUNTER Arrival 15/02/2020 Thyborøn  Jubilee Quay 9468372 OZLM2 294 Denmark
MERSEY FISHER Departure 12/02/2020 East Quay North Immingham 9170420 ZDFY4 2760 Gibraltar
SATURN Departure 12/02/2020 Corporation Quay Frederikshavn 6604690 OUHO2 627 Denmark
ARKLOW FUTURE Arrival 12/02/2020 Lisbon QE2 Berth 9361768 EIGD 2998 Republic of Ireland
SATURN Arrival 10/02/2020 Dublin Corporation Quay 6604690 OUHO2 627 Denmark

Positions of vessels in the Port of Sunderland - please see map above (not all ships will be shown on AIS)

Vessel Berth IMO Call Sign GT Flag
Last updated:  2032, 16/02//2020        
HUNTER Jubilee Quay 9468372 OZLM2 294 Denmark
AFON LAS Transit Shed Quay 9547398 2JEM8 131 United Kingdom
NEPTUN 10 Jubilee Quay 9568615 ZDJQ8 498 Gibraltar
WAVEWALKER 1 Corporation Quay - PBVH 1219 Netherlands
HIGHLAND DUKE South-West Oil Berth 9499682 2EYX9 2215 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND CHALLENGER South-East Oil Berth 9169677 2HDE3 1968 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND ENDURANCE Sheers Quay 9249518 MCED4 3160 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND MONARCH Sheers Quay 9249453 VQQZ8 1992 United Kingdom
UP JASPER West Quay, Hendon Dock 9557666 3FUI 3753 Panama
HIGHLAND COURAGE East Quay, Hendon Dock 9249491 ZIWP8 3160 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND ROVER South-East Oil Berth 9161338 9HA2877 2186 Malta
IT INTEGRITY (ex-HIGHLAND FORTRESS) East Quay, Hendon Dock 9239343 - 2244 Bahamas
HIGHLAND LAIRD South-West Oil Berth 9639615 MPBX6 2305 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND BUGLER South-West Oil Berth 9249441 ZIWP9 1992 United Kingdom

Expected Shipping within the next 72 hour

Vessel Expected From IMO Call Sign GT Flag Berth
Last updated: 2034 16/02/2020


FEDERAL YUKINA 16/02/2020 Mariupol 9476977 VRHN7 20465 Hong Kong Corporation Quay
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