Shipping Movements

Wind Innovation arr CQ 18.11.2020

Shipping movements within the last seven days


Status Date From To IMO Callsign GT Flag
Last updated:  


MIA SOPHIE B 1425 17/11/2021 East Quay South Bremen 9113599 DGDB2 1596 Germany
FAR SUPERIOR 0427 18/11/2021 Greenwells Quay Cygnus Field 9766877 LATJ7 7652 Norway
CENGIZ AMCA 0234 19/11/2021 Corporation Quay Gdansk 9616096 D5CU4 7758 Liberia
JUMBO 1345 19/11/2021 East Quay Rekefjord 8518297 8PAJ8 1998 Barbados

Positions of vessels in the Port of Sunderland - see map above (not all ships will be shown on AIS)

Vessel Berth IMO Call Sign GT Flag
Last updated: 22/11/2021        
PORTOSALVO South-East Oil Berth 9330977 VQUS5 2154 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND PRINCESS South-East Oil Berth 9643867 2FUD4 2202 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND DUKE East Quay 9499682 2EYX9 2215 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND LAIRD Sheers Quay 9361615 MPBX6 2305 United Kingdom
TERRA MARIQUE Greenwells Quay 9281384 MPHF6 2786 United Kingdom
JADELAND East Quay South 9518983 CQER9 4220 Portugal
WEM 4 Transit Shed Quay 9921594 MIZP8 116 United Kingdom
DMS CONDOR Jubilee Quay 9251987 2EHT2 163 United Kingdom
WEM 2 Transit Quay Shed 9831969 MCPB7 107 United Kingdom

Expected shipping within the next 72 hours (All vessel ETAs provisional)

Vessel Expected From IMO Call Sign GT Flag Berth
Last updated: 22/11/2021            
POLYALAND 23/11/2021 Undeclared 9199385 ZDEP9 3244 Gibraltar Undeclared
EMSTAL 26/11/2021 St Petersburg 9356878 CQEO3 2461 Portugal East Quay
ARKLOW RAIDER 27/11/2021 Leixoes 9344540 EIXS 2999 Ireland QE2
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