Shipping Movements

Wind Innovation arr CQ 18.11.2020

Shipping movements within the last seven days


Status Date From To IMO Callsign GT Flag
Last updated: 1330


ARKLOW CLAN 0230 06/09/2021 QE2 Norway 9757113 EISK6 2999 Ireland
POLAR ONYX 1548 07/09/2021 Corporation Quay North Sea 9664706 LAQD7 11803 Norway
FEDERAL HUNTER 1518 07/09/2021 Corporation Quay St Petersburg 9205938 V7RE7 20659 Marshall Islands
FUGRO GALAXY 1419 07/09/2021 Greenwells Quay North Sea 9583445 C6YY4 1929 Bahamas
POLAR ONYX 1038 11/09/2021 Corporation Quay North Sea 9664706 LAQD7 11803 Norway
RMS GOOLE 1810 11/09/2021 East Quay South Rendsburg 9213600 V2BJ4 2069 Antigua Barbuda
TIMBUS 1240 14/09/2021 Greenwells Quay Varberg 9198680 DIBC 4230 Germany
DEEPSEA WORKER 1115 15/09/2021 SWOB Tyne 7905285 J8B5382 3345 St Vincent Grenadines
DANITA 2220 15/09/2021 East Quay South Vierow 9341108 CQAC9 5232 Portugal

Positions of vessels in the Port of Sunderland - see map above (not all ships will be shown on AIS)

Vessel Berth IMO Call Sign GT Flag
Last updated: 1330 16/09/2021        
PORTOSALVO South-East Oil Berth 9330977 VQUS5 2154 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND PRINCESS South-East Oil Berth 9643867 2FUD4 2202 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND DUKE East Quay 9499682 2EYX9 2215 United Kingdom
HIGHLAND LAIRD Sheers Quay 9361615 MPBX6 2305 United Kingdom
AMBER SKY Corporation Quay 9312688 CQEH8 3870 Portugal
ARKLOW VANGUARD QE2 9772577 PDAY 2999 Netherlands

Expected shipping within the next 72 hours (All vessel ETAs provisional)

Vessel Expected From IMO Call Sign GT Flag Berth
Last updated: 16/09/2021            
BEAUMARE 18/09/2021 Gijon 9401245 PHMW 2545 Netherlands QE2
PARAMAR 21/09/2021 Karlsborg 9190262 P3ZD9 2820 Cyprus Undeclared
CELLUS 24/09/221 Varberg 9173317 DIUR 4231 Germany Corporation Quay
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