Waste management and water

Waste management and water

The Port of Sunderland Waste Management Plan fulfils statutory duties to provide waste reception facilities for vessels using the port.

A “Waste Notification Reporting Form” must be completed and forwarded to the ship’s agent prior to arrival. All requests for waste reception facilities should be made through ships’ agents in the first instance as part of normal pre arrival procedures

For vessels operating internationally, at least 24 hours’ notice must be given for a special “Category 1” container to be provided.

The port can assist in arranging disposal of other liquid waste, oily bilge waste, ships’ tank washings, low flash point paint drums and cargo generated waste. No facilities exist for receiving ballast water, chemical waste or sewage.

Fresh Water

Fresh water can be supplied at most berths on a 24-hour basis. Please contact Port Control on +44 (0)191 514 2752 to arrange. Costs are in Port of Sunderland List of Charges.

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